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Mint Good Art
NFT Gallery

We're giving artists the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.


Working with our artists to digitally tag original paintings, music and murals with NFTs to make them uniquely identifiable for the rest of time.

Using non fungible tokens, augmented reality and original art we are creating unique digital marks for each of our artists that will last throughout time. 

This method prevents future fraud, reduces the risk of theft and allows artists to sell globally with less time waiting on funds to transfer.

Public Wallet Addresses

MINT GOOD ART's public wallets are the following  addresses

0xf9d520e130B6F981604a2DEbebEb8Eb849d7C994: For Mint G - Messy Art Girl and Other Featured Artists

0x6805ec9d9055342Ba4Ee1973EdA14A35c5bFBEa3 : For Offical Modern Moshe Releases

MINT GOOD ART uses the following address to manage sales and donations for Matic Mural Makers: