NFT Types

Curious about NFTs & how you can use them?


Here is a breakdown of the different types of tokens and contracts that Mint Good Art works with.  Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions!

ERC 721

What more could you need?

This type of drop is classified as an ERC721 and is the tried and true standard.

It's built on Ethereum or Polygon and is considered the base standard that most protocols build on.

This gives you the most versatility for your utilities options

ERC 1155

"The communities NFT"

This type of drop is classified as an ERC1155 and splits ownership of an NFT

It's built on Ethereum or Polygon and has more specific use cases such as ticketing and proof of attendance but nothing that a 1155 can do can't be done with a 721

ERC 20

"The OG"

This type of token is classified as an ERC20 and is the foundation to the

In fact, Ethereum itself is an ERC 20 token!


These tokens are used for day trading, community rewards and much more

Split Contract

"Sharing is Caring"

This type of contract allows groups to split revenue from joint ventures.

We can create these for almost any form of ERC-20 revenue stream.

Custom Marketplace

"If you build it they will come"

Create your own custom marketplace where you control whos listed and who's not.

This is great for organizations but not ideal for independent artists.